Nexvision is a hardware and software design house specialized in vision systems and video over IP network technologies.


  • Video electronics hardware design
  • Electro-Optics (EO) system design
  • Vision system architecture, Video processing, Video analysis algorithms design
  • Multispectral band (UV, Visible, SWIR, LWIR, and Terahertz) image sensor hardware and logic design
  • Video over IP H264 / RTSP streaming coding
  • Embedded firmware design on media processors / eLinux (TI’s DSP / DaVinci &NVIDIA Tegra K1)

Markets / Applications

  • Extreme sport video camera
  • Cinema / broadcast mobile video camera
  • Machine vision / industrial inspection
  • Security/defense (night vision)
  • Gyro stabilized optronics for unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) and unmanned air vehicle (UAV)
  • Network video surveillance / CCTV
  • Metrology digital microscope / profile projector/endoscope
  • Slow-motion cam
  • Automotive Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS)
  • Transport safety
  • Digital signage
  • Media player
  • Submarine vision
  • Assets tracking


  • Vision
  • Video processing
  • Video analysis algorithms
  • High speed electronic hardware design
  • Image sensor multispectral band (UV, Visible, SWIR, LWIR, Terahertz)
  • 360°
  • X-HD
  • Night vision sensor (EBCMOS, SCMOS)
  • Optronics / Electro-Optics (EO)
  • Embedded Linux
  • VoIP
  • 1080p60 H264 compression / RTSP streaming
  • FPGA (Xilinx kintex7 / ultrascale, lattice ECP3)
  • DSP
  • SIMD
  • GPU
  • TI’s DaVinci MediaSOC DM8148
  • NVIDIA Tegra K1 SOC
  • Algorithms (sharpening, noise filtering, High Dynamic Range, Extended Depth of Field, color processing, image stabilization, pattern recognition SIRF/SVM/OpenTLD, blind deconvolution)
  • Range Gated Active Imaging / LIDAR
  • CoaxPress
  • 6G-SDI
  • Zigbee / Wifi / Wimax
  • HD microOLED display (Head Mounted Sight and Display HMSD/HUD)
  • Hi-power LED nanosecond pulsed flash illuminators
  • Inertial sensors
  • CUDA/OpenCL

Technology partners

Nexvision is also a long time partner as an early adopter with :

  • Texas Instrument Inc (world 3rd semiconductor manufacturer), for their media processor DSP/MSOC (Davinci / OMAP)
  • Nvidia, for their TEGRA mobile processor (Tegra K1,…)
  • Image sensor manufacturers (VISIBLE spectrum : CMOSIS, APTINA, PHOTONIS, DYNAMAX, BAE-FAIRCHILD Imaging, E2V, OMNIVISION, SAMSUNG, SONY – SWIR spectrum : 3-LAB – LWIR spectrum : ULIS).

For any project, feel free to contact us