The innovation at the core of our DNA

The innovation is at the core of our DNA, it belongs to our culture and it is vital for our activity because we have to propose to our customers the innovating solutions so that they can stay one step ahead of their competitors.

This is why, each year, Nexvision reinvests 30% of its CA in R&D.

Innovation reference design camera

An expertise recognized by the largest suppliers


Thanks to our R&D efforts and with the highly technical projects we are able to conceive, our expertise is recognized by the largest suppliers.

For example, Nexvision is Texas Instrument’s & Nvidia products alpha adopter, which enables us to have access to the CPU before they leave on the market.

Thus, our customers profit from this advance when we conceive their project.

NEXVISION is supported by the FEDER

NEXVISION is supported by the FEDER (European Regional Development Fund), in particular for the SARD (Security Augmented Reality Display) project, which consists in developing an augmented reality vision module (display of contextualized information) to be fixed on professional helmets (site protection, fire brigades, maintenance helmets, etc.).

NEXVISION is supported by France Relance

NEXVISION benefits from France Relance, the plan to support industrial investment in the regions.

Outsource your R&D and profit from the CIR

Nexvision is MESR approved, i.e. that if you sub-contract us R&D, a part of the amount can be fiscally deduced.

Nb : A company which sub-contracted R & D with an electronic design organization can profit from the CIR provided that they are approved by the M.E.N.E.S.R.


A close collaboration with competitiveness clusters & laboratories

Nexvision works in close collaboration with the competitiveness clusters and specialized laboratories in optronic and vision systems.


For any R&D project, feel free to contact us