Our “Ready to customize” IP solution NEXIP

The fruit of over 13 years of R&D : NEXVISION’s extensive library of IP algorithms and modules is available off-the-shelf.

Nexip IP core FPGA image processing & analysis

Our IP library : Image processing + Image analysis + Image capture + Video output



  • Super-resolution using optical sub scanning piezo actuator
  • Atmospherical aberration correction
  • Lens lateral and longitudinal chromatic aberrations
  • Lens vignettage correction (relative illumination)
  • Lens barrel distortion correction
  • Optic’s aberrations corrections (optical center over zoom range, shading, …)
  • Ultra wide angle lens projection correction (360°«Fisheye» circle image real time dewarping)
  • Co-optronics designed optics : extended depth of view/digital autofocus – wave front coding
  • Image reconstitution model which integrate Bayer pattern and color aberration
  • Deconvolves image using recursive algorithm which converge in few iterations
  • Process of deconvolution which integrate the sensor’s noise and improves denoising or deblurring
  • Myopic deconvolution to estimate the PSF of optical and atmospheric aberration (based on fractal found in natural image)
  • Lens defocused mechanically to estimate the PSF
  • Motion of camera could be integrated in deconvolution process
  • Multi-channels deconvolution
  • Atmospheric aberration correction
  • Close control loop multilevel stabilization depending on amplitude-period (mechanical, optical, electronic and software)
  • Lens/mirror piezo-actuator stabilization control for angular movement correction (yaw and pitch)
  • Piezo-microactuator image sensor micro-scanning stabilization control (close loop with 9 axis gyro-accelero-magneto sensors)
  • Motion compensation : virtual windows counter motion centering using feature points video tracking
  • Viewer pointed, automatic target tracking (gyro stabilized pan-tilt-zoom)
  • Autofocus
  • Focus score
  • Focus map


  • CFA Bayer pattern to RGB (demosaicing), state of art non linear algorithms for very high quality color interpolation (*)
  • Auto exposure : fast adaptive for highly changing scene illumination conditions
  • Multi-exposure or multi-resolution, on a frame by frame basis
  • Color matrix correction : dynamic, scene and illumination measurement based
  • Automatic white balance – Application specific
  • Gamma conversion & YUV/HSI color conversion, histogram, logic, LUT mapping, segmentation, and thresholding
  • Dead pixel correction
  • IR sensors non uniformity correction (so called fixed pattern noise “FPN” correction)
  • Dark signal offset (DSNU) correction and Photo Response gain Non Uniformity (PRNU)
  • Anti flickering for light projector synchronization
  • Lab color space conversion for HDR processing
  • Anisotropic 2D image scaling
  • 3D lookup table color correction
  • ACES color space management
  • Real time focus tracking with lens control loop


  • Dynamic local tone mapping (Shadows and highlights)
  • High dynamic range (16bits resolution based)
  • 3D noise Filter (spatial-temporal)
  • Contrasts and edges enhancement (algorithm type : USM – unsharp mask)
  • Spatial Filters
  • Multiple shoot and/or multi angle of view in multiple spectral Bands: UV, visible, Shortwave Infrared and Thermal Infrared (MWIR/LWIR), Terahertz, etc…)
  • Ultra high resolution video (X-HDTM)
  • Multiple video sensors stitching to create panoramic images
  • 360º high-resolution, real-time dewarp video


  • Feature points extraction and analysis
  • Pattern matching, Shape recognition and tracking
  • Shape, character recognition
  • Power lines, wires and cables detection (passive multispectral imagery)
  • Suspicious stationary object detection
  • Visitors/pedestrian counting
  • Multi-modal gesture recognition
  • Content based retrieval & Query-by-content
  • Multispectral band object recognition (Visible/SWIR/LWIR)
  • Human body detection
  • Texture recognition
  • Traffic accident detection, behavior & flow control
  • Fire detection
  • Color analysis
  • 3D scene reconstruction, simultaneous local and mapping (SLAM)
  • Absolute ground speed estimate
  • Motion detection
  • Registration – unified scene alignment – translation & scaled perspective
  • Depth map
  • Sensors fusion (GIS positioning, accelero-gyro, ultrasound, radar…)
  • 1D, 2D and 3D measurements
  • 1D and 2D code reading and verification
  • Background discrimination, correlation, gradient operation, Hough transformation, morphology, projection, edge thinning, line verification, rule based post processing, convolution, motion adaptive deinterlace, image restoration, etc…


  • Video and still image compression/decompression (H264 and JPEG Codec)
  • Live video streaming
  • Video and still image recording with metadata (post event on board video recorder)


  • UV
  • Visible
  • Night vision
  • SWIR
  • LWIR / Thermal
  • TeraHertz


  • Microoled
  • LCD
  • Composite
  • HDMI
  • SDI (3G-HD)
  • CoaXPress
  • PCIe
  • USB 2.0 & 3.0 (FX3)
  • NVMe / SSD

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