The seven’s art quest for perfection in image quality, for the best tool to share the director of production’s intended scene feeling with spectators, for the easiest way to capture content and the sprinkle moments of life leads to rethinking the cinema camera.

Nexvision is determined to bring digital broadcast from specific developments on other markets such as the defense market.

Using its expertise in many specific sensor developments, Nexvision is able to give you advice and a first class guidance on all offline achievements that you have identified in this business.

Nexvision has already developed products known as «the state of art » for the Entertainment and Cinema market.

Many years of work and research have produced the following developments :

  • Image quality at a broadcast-level photography / film
  • Optimizing the dynamic range output space
  • The ressources of our library PIXIP (Image Processing).

This is why we are preparing a 4k mobile video camera for broadcast, including innovative ideas that should unloosen the creativity of DOP.

4K video camera project

Maestro is a 4K video camera project based on our Cam Master + reference design. Designed at the state of art, this video camera will embed a high-end optronic system : Nvidia Tegra K1 processor Xilinx Ultrascale FPGA Our last Image processing algorithms from our laboratories Maestro compete in the “Observer du design” label :
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