We developed a digital microscope for a leading european optic manufacturer.

Unlike usual solutions add a sensor on an existing microscope base, our eyetronic conception allowed relaxing optical conception parameters (like light reflexion, optic distortion, thermal dilatation adaption) so optic conception price was reduced, it was built in 6 months (instead of two years for usual optic conception time).

Image processing was possible at high rate (200 fps) to allow off line processing.

Our systems are used in car inspection, profile projector for metrology, and for material inspection.

For more information, please refer to Endoscope’s product.

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Industrial endoscope for car’s maintenance and remote visual expertise
For the OneToo company, we designed an industrial endoscope for car’s maintenance and remote visual expertise for Renault-Nissan. The operator can thus reach in the least difficult to reach recesses, to visualize the images in real time on a screen (laptop…) or to remotely send them in real time to a techliner and to establish a reliable
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