UAV / UGV is a new market where the weight/feature ratio gains importance.

We embed our optronic systems on light or heavier unmanned aerial vehicles, depending on the weight, distance covered, and imaging requirements.

We can offer combined thermal and visible imaging (1080p30) in less than 0.5kg load (< 1.1 lbs), up to 180MP (nine 20MP@60fps imagers) for a 30kg load.

We provide real-time streaming of any live flux to the control station, and thanks to our low-latency optimized video client and server, we offer under 100ms video latency with a usual 802.11 IP link.

For more information, please refer to UAV’s product, and ClassPath’s feature.

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This is a Triple head ultra light UAV. With one thermal imaging video camera, one front and one bottom 2MP visible video camera, this vehicle is used for imaging a remote scene in numerous spectrum with realtime streaming and onboard storage of the numerous video stream. The embedded processing power allow onboard video analysis during
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