Transportation safety is a major concern.

Citizens spend more and more time in transport each year. When a large part of our lives is spent during transportation, our security should not vanish during that time.

It is an activity that involves significant risks.

Because we master the complete chain from optic to storage, Nexvision is perfectly suited for transport safety products creation.

The assigned values must be transported according to statuary rules of safety equipment and delivery sites or minimum fare installations.

Nexvision integrates new technologies into a safe transport for a better ergonomics of associated risks control :

  • NEXFLEET™ : Vehicule Fleet Security Management
  • NEXMAP™ : Human Interface monitoring on geotagged GIS map
  • NEXTRACK™ : Electronic traceability security
  • MDISPLAY™ : Increased reality by the “Head-Up Display”.

In addition to our other competencies, we provide certification expertise for transportation.

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