Fes Network video surveillance – CCTV in Morocco

About Fes city

Second largest city of Morocco with a population of approximately 1 million, Fes city decided to enhance safety and security for its citizens.


The complete city (including the ancient and authentic medina) had to be covered by video survey and all video stream had to be visible by the city police.
No previous video security installation existed.

Specifications :

  • Installing video security in a city scale with a budget of 3M€
  • Matching the police rules and habits
  • Extensibility of the system
  • Survey scenario depending on City’s festival and holidays
  • 250 cameras at first
  • 24/7 function rate

Nexvision's solution

  • Wireless based installation for network links
  • Vandal proof, high quality PTZ dome
  • Star based installation with redundancy for video storage and network links
  • Custom city monitoring software with vectorial mapping of the complete city
  • Remote Video monitor control from multiple operator’s system with right level checking
  • Sequence export and printing
  • Exclusive Joystick control


  • Ramp up delivery of the complete system with first visible cameras in the first months
  • In time delivery for the complete system
  • Completely user-customizable solution for monitory scenario
  • Complete user-defined interface that matched the police’s requests.

Technical data

  • Classpath (RTSP/HTTP/SFTP Client & Server, Ternary search tree, AVL, File storage, …)
  • NexRMC
  • NexNVR
  • NexGIS
  • Automate
  • NexSetup

Images & videos

  • Cameras
  • Wireless network
  • Monitoring center & Software
  • img
  • img
  • img
  • img
  • img
  • img
  • img
  • img
  • img

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