Industrial endoscope for car’s maintenance and remote visual expertise

For the OneToo company, we designed an industrial endoscope for car’s maintenance and remote visual expertise for Renault-Nissan.

The operator can thus reach in the least difficult to reach recesses, to visualize the images in real time on a screen (laptop…) or to remotely send them in real time to a techliner and to establish a reliable and precise diagnosis quickly.

Description :

  • Video camera and audio, with embedded autofocus and integral lighting
  • The inspection of all the parts of the vehicle allows
  • Simple and intuitive interface thanks to a dedicated software
  • Flexible cane allowing the inspection of the inaccessible places (engine…)
  • Cane with form memory
  • Resisting and adapted to a garage environment
  • Images / videos shooting and recording

Benefits :

  • Avoid useless demountings of part
  • Faster diagnosis
  • Reduce the costs of diagnosis
  • Justification of the diagnosis by images or audio videos saved on PC
  • Reduction in the time of repair

Features :

  • Resolution : 300,000 pixels
  • Case video camera dimension : 26×26,5/depth : 33 mm
  • Lens with variable focal distance : vision of 15 mm ad infinitum
  • Adjustable luminous intensity via 6 built-in LEDS
  • Flexible & robust cane of 80 cm
  • Cable of 3m for easy movements around the vehicle
  • Connection to the station of diagnosis or PC via USB 2.0
  • Compatible Windows XP SP2/3
  • Handle with integrated microphone

In order to improve ergonomics of the product, we currently work on a display system of the images with projection on visor (instead of visualizing the images on a PC). A system which will thus be more integrated and which will give again more freedom with the operator.

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