A night vision system to fight against wildfires & forest fires !

The objective of this project is to enhance the forest firefighting by night in critical conditions (ex : mountain).

For the first time, water dropping air operations will be made by night on forest fires, and with the same day flight parameters. The pilot will have a comfort of sight never reached for night vision binoculars thanks to a very broad field of view, high dynamics and high image color resolution.

An innovative vision system for helicopter pilot helmet with augmented reality

We develop an innovative night vision system in terms of not intensified image sensors and head-up display. It’s a state of art augmented reality helmet with ultra-sensitive night vision video cameras associated with a projection on visor.

The pilot will have the fusion of what he can see trough the visor and the rebuilt images from the night vision sensors displayed inside the visor.

Sensors are set up on each side of the helmet and projection is able thanks to two microoled displays in front of the helmet.


In the short run, this project should make it possible to strongly provide to the water bomber helicopters manufacturers a differentiating commercial argument, by offering a night vision system without light intensifier.

In the medium term, it should make it possible to answer “help missions” (medical urgently evacuations, humane missions…), security needs (civil, borders control, anti-terrorism…), air work (off-Shore…), and goods transport.

Civil applications (except helicopters) are also aimed as of now : helmets (snowmobile, ATV…), use in oil and gas offshore station, maritime help, hostile environment (fires in sensitive classified factories, nuclear power…) and piloting of drones from the ground station.

Later on, this project could be proposed at the military market, as well in the air field as in the terrestrial or marine field.

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