About V.I.O

V.I.O. provides video solutions for commercial, industrial, and government markets. Proven in the field, their camera systems have captured video from the most beautiful and unforgiving places on earth. Based in Minneapolis MN, V.I.O. Systems have been deployed across the globe for applications that demand advanced high-definition video with superior camera control.


The client needed a FullHD action camera to enhance its catalog.

  • Low cost unit development with reusing existing system whenever possible
  • High picture quality
  • Modular architechture
  • Long battery life
  • 1080p30 recording capabilities

Nexvision's solution

Native resolution with high sensitivity sensor

  • Study
  • Low cost video processing and encoding CPU
  • Custom hardware design to retrofit existing product
  • Licensing
  • Manufacturing of engineering samples and set up of production line in China


  • In time delivery for product
  • High quality product as reviewed by footage experts (the camera was used in Prometheus movie)

Vio pov prometheus nexvision

Technical data

  • DM368
  • Framework
  • ClassPath
  • CPLD
  • OV2715 sensor

What our client think about this project

The quality of NEXVISION’s engineering work is the best we’ve worked with in the camera industry. In addition to high quality, the NEXVISION team was agile and easy to work with, helping us to deliver a consumer-ready complex camera product quickly.

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