SARD : Security Augmented Reality Display


The SARD (Security Augmented Reality Display) project consists in developing an augmented reality vision module (display of contextualized information) to be fixed on professional helmets (site protection, firefighters, maintenance helmets, etc.) that can offer the following functionalities:

  • Ergonomics adapted to meet the conditions of use (light and resistant)
  • High resolution and wide angle vision in augmented reality
  • Display of the image and contextual information directly on the visor
  • Real-time image analysis for event detection (detection of a human form or abnormal heat source for example)

This device is called OST-HMSD: Optical See Through – Head Mount Sight and Display. It is a helmet-mounted display system with visualization through an optical visor.

The objective of this project is to be able to provide a solution that is better adapted to the needs and constraints of professionals in high-risk industrial environments (petrochemicals, steel, waste reprocessing centres, agri-food, energy, etc.) and extreme intervention situations, in particular by freeing the operator’s hands and assisting him in his decision-making (through image analysis, digital information processing).

For example:

  • For thermal use, firefighters are currently equipped with portable thermal cameras that have several disadvantages for the safety of the wearer and its efficiency: performance limited to the identification of hot spots (no gas detection, low measurement quality), clutter and mobilization of a hand with therefore occasional use.
  • For non-thermal use, maintenance operators in high-risk environments visualize parts to be changed identified by shape recognition, their temperature or their condition. This project aims to improve the performance of operators through an enhanced level of information and analysis and to preserve their physical security.

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