As part of an Imaging Lidar (ILIDAR) FEDER project, Nexvision is looking for optoelectronics and optical company to carry out the following various tasks:

Engineering consultancy mission

An engineering consultancy mission, for the design of low-level electronics and embedded software for a lidar/photonics project: pulsed laser power supply in SWIR band, synchronous control software (C/C++ on Processor synthesized on FPGA), implementation of a light intensifier tube and possibly an HD image sensor.

SWIR lens design

One of the main optical elements of this project is the input lens. This lens either have the following characteristics:

1.55µm pulsed laser module with motorized zoom

to illuminate the scene, we need a 10 KHz pulsed laser module at 1.55µm laser with an output power of 0.5 to 10mJ. The laser beam must have a field of view of 6° with a homogeneity up to 90%. An External trigger input must be including.

Relay lens

Another main optical element it’s the relay lens between an image intensifier tube and a CMOS sensor. This lens either have the following characteristics:

Concentrator 25-1

The last optical element, it’s an optical concentrator 25 to 1:

Companies wishing to apply must send us their commercial offer by February 25, 2022 at the latest.

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