The defense market expects durable and reliable products operating in severe conditions.

Nexvision has developed numerous defense focused products for Thales, Photonis and DGA.

These products cover thermal imaging, SWIR imaging, network video communication (H264/RTSP based), visible and night vision with SCMOS sensors, and onboard UAV camera-head with live streaming for preview and control, as well as onboard recording on SSD drives.

These products are integrated into our customer’s various equipment :

  • Military
  • Police
  • Civil Defense
  • Special Forces
  • Restricted Sites

Nexvision conceives targeted and innovative technology solutions for Security and Defense markets.

Nexvision positioned itself in the naval, air and land defense markets by participating in the development of :

  • Gyro-stabilized gimbals/pods
  • Viewfinders
  • Infrared cameras
  • SWIR cameras
  • UV cameras
  • sCMOS cameras
  • EBCMOS cameras
  • Multifunction binoculars
  • Inertial navigation systems
  • Fusion technologies.

For more information, please refer to the UAV products :

This is a Triple head ultra light UAV. With one thermal imaging video camera, one front and one bottom 2MP visible video camera, this vehicle is used for imaging a remote scene in numerous spectrum with realtime streaming and onboard storage of the numerous video stream. The embedded processing power allow onboard video analysis during
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