We offer a high expertise for your project engineering task concerning electronic and/or software development.

We will make the most appropriate choice for you to fit your requirements and help you to compromise when they need adjustments.

We have experts in numerous engineering fields, like :


  • Electronic design
  • Routing
  • High frequency signals
  • Analog electronic
  • High speed links
  • FPGA / CPU / video sensors

Logic design

  • VHDL code
  • Intellectual property integrator
  • Intellectual property supplier

Software design

  • Embedded development
  • PC based software and processing

Video and audio standard

  • H264
  • MPEG4
  • AAC
  • MP3


Lens selection or design support from third party

Certification insurance

We work with external electromagnetic certification laboratory for final CEM certification.
We include CE/FCC/UL certification guideline in all our designs, even the first-alpha design.

Production line

We develop quality control tools to help fulfill the requirements of the design on production line.
We will help you up to the final design delivery.

For any project, feel free to contact us