Initially focused on IP video surveillance, we understood the difficulties of such a constellatory market, and learnt how to reconcile the numerous divergent standards and products so as to build a coherent system for diverse surveillances tools.

Whether you are looking for a small-scale or a large system design solution, Nexvision offers a wide range of networking options to protect people, businesses and operations that are dependent on you, each day worldwide.

  • Government
  • City
  • Airport
  • Hospital
  • Education
  • Financial Institution
  • Industry
  • Casino
  • Small Business
  • Trade

We offer a complete turnkey solution for complex CCTV setup, when usual solutions are impossible to deploy or would be too costly.
We provide engineering services for study and installation guidelines, product feature requirements and selection, configuration and maintenance.
We integrate leading-edge technologies (city/building map, wireless mesh, complete IP solution) for the best feature/cost ratio for your installation.
We customize our video management software to fit any of the chosen products, thanks to our modular software library, so any system is perfectly fit to our customer’s usage expectations, and with a close-to-zero learning step (unlike off-the-shelf software).

Video Security

Nexvision offers IP-based Full HD video security. View in high quality, record, print and identification.

Besides the possibility of an economy linked to the existing infrastructure network, our modules will allow you to benefit from several essential features for any professional installation :

  • Better control of the system’s administration
  • Genuine operational features
  • An archiving and alerts intelligent management systems
  • A high-resolution quality image for strong identification

The follow-up of Nexvision CCTV dedicated products will be the basis for our video surveillance modular architecture for years to come. From these technologies, we have customized dedicated solutions to meet all the demands of our customers, such as the historical city of Fez in Morocco. These systems are reliable and evolutionary to ensure the durability of your installation.

Nexvision CCTV Follow up :

  • NEXCAM Smart™, 1 to 10Mpixel Network Video Camera
  • NEXNVR™ Network Video Server and Recorder
  • NEXRMC™ Remote Media Control software
  • NEXIHM™ Human Interface Monitoring
  • NEXMAP™ Human Interface Monitoring on geotagged GIS map.


The only cam using the full capacity of the SONY-IMX253 sensor FEATURES High performance video camera (4K 60fps) Perfect for fast moving object Fiber-optic allows a long distance remote head (useful in case of electromagnetic disturbance) Thanks to USB-C & PCIe, MOOVCAM is the one of the few video cam using the full capacity of
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Fes Network video surveillance – CCTV in Morocco
Second largest city of Morocco with a population of approximately 1 million, Fes city decided to enhance safety and security for its citizens. The complete city (including the ancient and authentic medina) had to be covered by video survey and all video stream had to be visible by the city police. No previous video security
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