Sport video camera can not fail. They need to capture every single moment with the best possible fluency and quality.

Thus, they need to see as large as possible to the scene (as close as possible to human’s field of view), be lightweight and autonomous.

For extreme sport, such camera must also be resistant to the external harsh conditions.
We developed a FullHD extreme sport camera with a integrated media player, recorder, and streamer.

The design allowed remote head so the camera could be integrated in very small volume, while the player can be linked to the operator’s command (for ex: on the dashboard).

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V.I.O. provides video solutions for commercial, industrial, and government markets. Proven in the field, their camera systems have captured video from the most beautiful and unforgiving places on earth. Based in Minneapolis MN, V.I.O. Systems have been deployed across the globe for applications that demand advanced high-definition video with superior camera control. The client needed
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