To enhance cities safety and security, Nexvision developed a turnkey complete solution of network videosurveillance.
All the city can be covered by video survey and all video stream can be visible by the city police.

Nexvision's solution

The global solution includes :

  • A complete network of different IP cameras (fixed, dome, mobile, embedded) connected by wireless links
  • A remote Video monitor control from multiple operator’s system with right level checking
  • A custom city monitoring software with vectorial mapping of the complete city
  • A star based installation with redundancy for video storage and network links
  • A sequence export and printing
  • An exclusive Joystick control


The system is composed by several nexvision’s modules :

  • Classpath (RTSP/HTTP/SFTP Client & Server, Ternary search tree, AVL, File storage, …)
  • NexRMC (Remote Control Center)
  • NexNVR (Network Video Recorder)
  • NexGIS
  • Automate
  • NexSetup (to speed up the installation)

Check the case of Fes city for which we installed more than 300 cameras in the city.

Each camera is connected by a wireless connection to a professionnal monitoring center with 25 screens.