High performance video camera
Ideal for fast moving objects
The only cam using the full capacity of the SONY-IMX253 sensor


  • High performance video camera (4K 60fps)
  • Perfect for fast moving object
  • Fiber-optic allows a long distance remote head (useful in case of electromagnetic disturbance)
  • Thanks to USB-C & PCIe, MOOVCAM is the one of the few video cam using the full capacity of the SONY-IMX253 sensor
  • Reduce housing

Sony pregius imx253 global shutter sensor


  • Machine vision (industrial)
  • Traffic monitoring
  • Broadcast / Cinema
  • Defense
  • Aerospace
  • Surveillance (situational awareness)
  • Submarine deep depth
  • Life science / Medical
  • Microscopy


  • Global shutter
  • Max 12.37Mp 4/3 (4096 x 3000)
  • 68fps (8 bit) / 64fps (10 bit) / 46fps (12 bit)
  • 17.6mm diagonal (Type 1.1′′)
  • 3.45μm square pixels



  • PCI express Gen II x 4 (up to 16Gb/s) over fiber optic. Enables maximum image sensor raw output : full frame, 10-bit, 60fps (7.4 Gb/s). MTP optical connector (requires simple adapter card in host computer)
  • Proprietary fiber optic link for highest performance (up to 20Gb/s throughput). MTP optical connector (requires frame grabber & image processing adapter card in host computer)
  • USB3.0 (max 3Gb/s) on USB Type-C connector (single screw locking thread on casing)
  • Can be used with pure fiber optic USB3.0 cable (without power nor USB2.0 over cable) for far reach, EMI immune link
  • Frame grabbing synchronization with opto-isolated input
  • 12-pin Hirose LF10WBRB-12S (mates with LF10WBPD-12P) : power input, 2 opto-isolated digital inputs + 2 opto-isolated digital outputs


  • 15W max (5 to 20V, 3A max)
  • From external source to camera’s I/O connector
    From USB type-C «Power Delivery»
  • Can behave as power source to USB Type-C connector when powered from I/O connector


  • Dimensions : 88 x 75 x 61mm
  • Weight : 380g w/o lens
  • Standard C mount, optionally Nikon F / «positive lock» Canon EF-S with lens control
  • Multiple threaded inserts


Download the datasheet here.


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