Life program SEADETECT on track

SEADETECT is a European Union’s LIFE project that aims at developing an automated detection system to reduce vessel collision risk with marine mammals and unidentified floating objects (UFOs). The LIFE Programme is the EU’s funding instrument for the environment and climate action.

This detection system consists in combining three elements :

  • An automated onboard detection system composed of several sensors : RADAR, 3D-LiDAR and electro-optics sensors system.
  • A real-time passive acoustic monitoring (PAM) network at sea
  • A real-time detection-sharing and alert system (REPCET®)

For the SeaDetect project, NEXVISION designs a very innovative optical detection of cetaceans, based on artificial intelligence (Deeplearning) algorithms running on a dedicated designed electro-optics composed of:

More details :

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